Sunday, March 21, 2010

wakey wakey ...

Suddenly i realized that i didn't publish any new post after a while...huarghh....lately, I finished my final exam and got my result; I PASS!!! So right now i'm officially a final year medical student.Pheww..time went so fast..It was just like yesterday I registered and began my journey..and hopefully i would come to the end of the journey as the way it supposed to be..2011 here i come!!!
At present, i am still in my holidays mood for 2 months..and it is still going on until the new semester begin on 12.4.2010..Nothing much was done so far during my holidays..i just went to several places and most of the time i would be at my home ; "SLEEP +EAT+WATCHING TV+ETC"..seemed like i had nothing to do except increasing my lipid!..OMG!!..
Since i felt i needed to do somethings rather than do nothing (poyo je), so i came back to KTDI on last saturday..Perhaps, i came for reasons;
1.personal glad to be there..
2.finishing my other 3 forensic post mortem observations
3. volunteering myself to go to Orang Asli settlement somewhere at Gombak
4.lepaking with my friends.
For now, i have to enjoy the rest of holidays before i concentrating back to my study..Hols Hols Hols