Sunday, February 14, 2010

~are you a Dino freak??.~

Holidays has started;and that means i'll spending most of my time with my family wandering here and there. Recently, i'd a great moment with my family; whereby we went to Dinotrek exhibition at Yayasan Pahang (around Kuantan area). Actually, what made it special was my mother; she was the one who intended us to go there to fulfill my wish (how sweet was it!! hahaha). Previously, they went there together with most of my siblings, nieces and nephew; leaving me alone as i needed to go back to KL, but that wasn't a big deal since the exhibition would last until this June.
Maybe most of people surround me didn't know the fact that i used to be a "Dino's freak" since i was a kid.Haha..To be frank, my obsession towards dinosaurs was still roaming inside my head till now. Apart from cartoons and comics, dinosaurs had
been part of my life since then. I still remembered when my beloved sister gave a guide book on Dinosaurs as my birthday gift, and my father gave me a set of dinosaurs toy!!! Even the worst part was i liked to play with it during shower, and not to forget i slept with them! Being so obsessed with dinosaurs made me known pretty well on each type of it; especially the name. Gosh, what a memory!!!haha..
Perhaps, my visit to Dinotrek made me recalling back myself when i was young; was so exciting (don't look at my age!!) Every steps was fascinating indeed. As i walked at the entrance, i saw T-rex!!..So freaked and i believed there would be more and more inside.Then, i moved to each exhibition site, and i did take snap of pictures for my own record. It was totally awesome..
Basically, this exhibition was mainly meant for children; in order to inculcate the curiosity on Dinosaurs and also the science behind it. Beside had fun with lots of interactive games provided there, it actually a good effort to prompt the kids to love science and knew what was happened before human rules the earth. Eventhough the existence of dinosaurs itself was a doubt, but it could help them to think and made some critical thinking whether was it true there was such gigantic lizards used ruled the earth or not. I supposed some of you might not interested with it and this exhibition was more or less the same with the exhibition at Petrosains or so whatever. For me, those who lived nearby in Kuantan and who couldn't go to Petrosains, it was the best opportunity and was something not to be missed.

Here i would like to share my dinosaurs toys collection that still kept safe and "alive" in my locker at home until now...
Actually, i'd more than these in my collection.......until when my nieces and nephew came into my room and happily took it and ripped it into two!!..hahaha..To be surprised, I didn't scold or wallop them (be matured :p), but still i got pissed off and sad. Could you imagined when the things that you kept safely and loved at most just suddenly happened to be gone like that..Urghh..At the moment, i put all my Dinos inside a locked drawer and not subject to be shown.haha..The "gone" toys were not just those which being ripped off by my "rebellions troop", but there were also some of them that I gave to the others as part of my gift and not to forget those which truly lost in action..blerghh
and these were several photos while i was there..

So, are you a Dino freak too???..hahaha...