Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~ I Don't Know~

Something bad had strucked me off lately; and i was terribly hurt up to point where i didn't know what else i could do. It happened with a sudden; more terrifying than i ever expected to be occurred.
In our life, we would be never knew precisely of what our future would be, but we had been given some chances to plan and manipulate the present for the best of the next day. As for the chance, to make it real would be hard; but that was a "LIFE".
Mistakes were just part and parcel of LIFE, and for us it was a task to learn on how to redeem it. Those whom tangelled their life with perfectness were no more less like a FAKE and HYPOCRITE.
Here i realized we couldn't control of what would come into our LIFE, but we had the will to change it to suits ourselves with the reality. LIFE was about how we dance with it; if it happened to be that steps we were about to take, we had to move it wisely otherwise we would ruin it badly.
Life is like a roller coster; whereby there were times we would scream happily like we owned this world, and there would be the time where we looked so down more than anythings.
Up to this point, i still didn't know what to do..My friends told me to keep myself busy and ignore it for a while, but i just DIDN'T KNOW..
So lets the time decide it for me...blerghh...:((