Saturday, December 19, 2009

:: When the Modern Fairy tale Hits the Cinema::

WALT DISNEY presents:
'The princess and the frog'

::A modern fairy tale which centered Tiana, a hardworking and ambitious waitress whom never give up to pursue her dream to open her own restaurant; perhaps one day in the future, has found herself kissing a frog and he is a prince!!!..Unfortunately, the frog has mistakenly thought that she is a princess, and that's where the story begins whereby she has turned into a frog as well!!.In searching for the cure from Mama Odie who lives in Bayou, after being cursed by cunning Shadow man, the frog or prince Naveen has made his way to fall in love with the ordinary Tania. In their way to Bayou,they meet other creatures; the alligator and the firefly, and they have helped them a lot....In the end, the fairy tale does show it!!..magical things happen in such way::
  • Cartoons have been a part of my life since i was young. I lived with mickey mouse, doraemon, donald duck, dragon ball, and etc(as long as it's a cartoon).Cartoons do make me feel happy and it's form of my obssesion till now.How old am i?..hahaha..:p
  • people often relate cartoons with children, but not for me..cartoons are meant for everyone who enjoys it. Perhaps, instead of entertaiment that i get,the moral values that come from it , is something that i need to learn about.

In this movie, Tania has shown that, in order to get what you're dream of is by continuously make your effort done, though hardworking sometimes make you feel down. It's an endless on going process, especially as a student as it'll guide you to become a more better person. As Tania continue her effort, and that applies to me as well. In becoming a future doctor is not as easy as i think. I've to learn and learn and learn more...more..more...and it'll never with a touch of skillful art in examination,and thereby i can become a good doctor to everyone..

However, how high you fly or how far you walk, we still need to back to basis..Know who keeps us alive till now...ALLAH s.wt..

Keep going..keep doing...and never stops...

Friday, December 18, 2009

::Rise and Shine::

  • Morning to everyone...rise and shine...
  • what do i have today?..
  • well, i'm starting my day with prayer(Subuh)..
  • with the hope that today will be a better day than yesterday...
  • wish for HIS blessings inside and out..
  • then, at 9.00 a.m, i will buzzing myself in auditorium for my last forensic's lectures..yeay..
  • topics for today :
  1. death due to heat and burn
  2. death related to sexual assault
  3. abortion,infanticide, and maternal death..

  • afterwards, i need to finish my last 3 forensic post mortem observations....
  • then, i can rest a bit and perform my own post mortem during my final year next year..oo..yeah..

:: It FeEls So GoOd::

I feel so good...when....
  1. I able to open my laptop back after a few days of broken lappy's charger..^^and i able to update my blog..yeay..
  2. I found my FIRST case for orthopaedics case write up..weee....
  3. I download "it feels so good" ; a song sang by Sonique...i'd been searching for this song for ages, and finally i did..
  4. I will get my butt again for movie tomorrow..with??..^^.."The princess and the frog" here i come!!!!
  5. I will go back next week (24/12/09) to my hometown at pahang, on behalf of my latest niece "cukur rambut's" ceremony..basically, it's an event held for newly born baby as part of welcoming of hers to the family and introduction to other relatives...she's so cute!!!...i ilke to boom boom pow!!..

However, there were several things that made me feel NOT so good these days...when....

  1. I found that my total fee for this entire sem was RM1900(hostel+faculty+others) compared to previous which was!!!money!!!money!!!
  2. I just ended my 3rd week of orthopaedics posting..well, i already gone through 2 teams : (2 weeks under rehabilatation team and subsequent 1 week under paediatrics orthopaedics)..hurm..afterwards, i will be under trauma team with PROF i will be in "trauma"?..we'll see..
  3. I will sit for my final exam for this 8th semester in early Feb for means, another 6 well prepare i am?, me myself can't answer that question...hurm..perhaps, i need to bulk up and get myself ready, as by hook or by crook i will come to that phase soon....hurm, that's normal when you are a student right??, no more denial state!!yeay...

  • BUT, as a human being, we'll never skip to face any problems in our daily life.
  • Problems are part of our's a norm
  • without problems our life will be not that easy..i assured
  • with problems, we will find ourself to become more mature..more stronger..more powerful..and
  • problems teach us to overcome such cirtumstances even though sometimes you'll find yourself hurt at the end..but, that's normal...
  • ..Perhaps, those problems are not suppose to be the reasons to let us down easily...
  • from lying, we rise up..
  • build our brand new spirit....
  • feel be brave enough to see the problems as your success's company..
  • then, you'll find yourself in right path...


On behalf of MAAL HIJRAH's celebration today (new year in Muslim's calendar), it's a good time for us to set our new platform in becoming a better person in our life...feel embrace with the new spirit...gain new brand of you.and ..always look on the bright side..think positive in whatever you do...perhaps, we have to bear in our mind that a new day has come..come for a better purpose!!!!...the past was history, today is what you're..and tomorrow will be the best for you...

::Salam Maal Hijrah 1431 to all Muslims around the globe::

Sunday, December 13, 2009


::you must wondering what is "Le.Gardenie"??..
::if you're Utopian die hard fan,I'm pretty sure that you're well known of this lovely manga..^^..
::Le.Gardenie is one of my most favourite manga..
:what's so special about this manga??..well,the story line is the main agenda which makes it so special and has struck my heart, despite the characters are so cute!!!^^

::Le.Gardenie is a romance manga inspired by a very talented artist;BEN.Basically, it was created in 2006 and finished in 2008 and being published in Utopia since then. The story is based on a group of young teenagers namely; ORANGE, KIWI, LEMON, APPLE,and other supporting "FRUITS's characters who are living in a Venice-like town which is full with love, compassion, conflicts, and life issues. With the lovely setting and strong background fruity characters, it makes the manga become more even merrier and wonderful. ORANGE; whom the main character in this manga, has found himself caught in the middle of love and friendship. The cunning 'glamorous queen' LEMON which full with devious and dishonourable plans has make KIWI; whom ORANGE childhood's best friend get expells from the school as she refers her as her rival in winning the innocent heart of ORANGE's. The heart-broken KIWI has went away far from the town, and this has make APPLE as LEMON's next rival. However, the true friendship will always win the heart of Innocent,and yet in the end ORANGE and KIWI has met back and come with the new spirit of what so-called friendship::

  • this manga series had been collected and compiled into 4 books.
  • in the early of this year, i managed to collect all of them, and it was truly a satisfaction indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!..^^ yeay!!!..

:: BOOK 1:: ::BOOK 2::

::BOOK 3:: ::BOOK 4::

  • kinda fall in love so much with this piece of art indeed!!..yeay^^

Saturday, December 12, 2009

IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!! ::nooM weN::...

haha...i think it's already too late for me to give my own views on this hot movie...
::a timeless love movie based on a story of Bella swan, who found herself stuck with a charming and heart-breaking vampire; Edward cullen..basically, this movie is a sequel from it's previous box-office movie which has captured so many eyes whom seeking a romantic love movie indeed..for this time, the sweet Bella meets back with her childhood friend;Jacob whom found himself fall in love with Bella despite he knows she's belongs to Cullen...more suprisingly, Jacob is back with a hidden secret which no one ever knows except his "hairy brothers"...perhaps, the war between the werewolf and the vampire has begun in order to win the heart of sweet mortal Bella...but, the true love will always romantic::

  • yeAH..i've been waiting for so long to watch this sequel of twilight..
  • but i only manage to get my butt and watch it in cinema last week (5/12/09) ^^..weee......~after most of my friends already watched it..sigh~~~
  • nevertheless,i felt so delighted as i watched it with my special person in my life..(so romantic)..
  • initially, before that we went to karnival jom heboh at bukit jalil..perhaps, it was an exhausting experience under a bright sun (sun burn!!!!..i hate it)..but yet a new thing that maybe i would list in my yearly calendar..the carnival was full with excitement( except forthe hot weather part)..full with stuff..oooo..yeah...i went back with 2 bags of food stuffs and 1 t-shirt...(^^)
  • afterwards, we move to times square to watch this movie...yeah...God bless were still available..yeahhh...
  • pertaining to the movie, i would say.....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • it was full with romantic scenes..OMG!!...
  • overall, i gave 4.5 star for this movie~as the ending was quite dissapointing....i wished the director would manage to continue this movie as soon as