Wednesday, May 12, 2010

insomnia????or changing my biological clock???

Hurmmm...i'd this sleep problem for the past few days..
was it INSOMNIA???
So what is
"symptom which can accompany several sleep, medical and psychiatric disorders, characterized by persistent difficulty falling asleep and/or difficulty staying asleep"

Well, that would be what from medical prospective..a symptom..might indicate that you're under some kinda pressure which leaded you to have difficulty to sleep..
To be frank, i was not really stress with my research stuff..but, hurm..i didn't know..maybe it was my denial state in which i didn't accept that the fact i was under stress..Was i in stress???..another big question mark there..haha
it was something to be related with my so-called biological clock..hurm..some people said it wasn't was you..hurm...
as a STUDENT...time was so precious..and perhaps, i believed most of the STUDENTS would agree that they didn't have enough sleep, therefore sleep deprivation was so common among students..yet, it included me as well.
Sleep was like bonus, and we would love for not to waking up from sleep because it was tooooooo..???..yeah..I LOVE SLEEP..
I would spend most of my time during my holidays to bad!!!
ok, i need to stop here...time is already 0140 am (at my place)...arghhh... i really need to sleep..i have discussion at 0900 am tomorrow..hurmm..


can somebody sing a song for me until me fall asleep???..haha..i wish i have..(^_^)

Monday, May 10, 2010

kueh sera sera..

"kueh sera sera...whatever will be will be..the future is not ours to see..kueh sera sera.."

hahaha..what a sweet memory..suddenly this song popped out from my head..lalalala.
During this time, i was still in primary school, and i joined this so-called -'action song' competition, and it's similar with musical drama..i dance and i sang the song...hahaha..what a memory...
and yes, my group won 3 times in a, we didn't manage to represent our school to the next level which was state level as the reason there's no such competition..well, for me, it's already enough..i won..i went to other place...represented my school..that's cool already..mmm..
la la la la..hmmm...the song somehow made me to think;
"our future is not ours to see"
hmm....was it true?.
it might be true and it might be not...
yes, sometimes we won't get whatever the things that we'd planned, and that's what we called as no luck..
BUT...we could create our's only whether it would happen or not, and let the God did the rest...what could we did were : WORKING HARD+ PRAYER +TAWAKKAL..

"kueh sera sera. whatever will be will be the future is not ours to see kuah sera sera.."