Tuesday, February 9, 2010

~hols time~

what a relieved!!! At last i could take a rest for a little while after days of final exam. It went quite well, but still i needed to wait until the result which would come out soon, then i could enjoy my hols with no worries. Today, I just finished my last exam=OSCE orthopaedics, and again, all doctors in charge today were so nice and helpful. There were 9 stations altogether; 6 unmanned and 3 manned stations. For the unmanned stations, as expected things which related with X-rays were the questions of choice, followed by videos and photos. Whilst the manned stations we were provided with 2 simulated patients for examinations and discussions based on our findings, followed by 1 PPD station. For this time, PPD station was a bit challenging, whereby i needed to break a bad news to patient's husband regarding with his wife current condition. Here i found myself in problem, in which the way that i needed to explain the current condition in lay man term was quite hard and things had gotten jumbled up here and there most of the time, resulting in few weird words came out; Resuscitation="resusitusi".hahaha.
At this point, i had done my best, and leave the rest to the God.

Now, i will enjoy my hols, and i hope everything will go well; especially with the result. Happy hols guys!!!....