Saturday, December 19, 2009

:: When the Modern Fairy tale Hits the Cinema::

WALT DISNEY presents:
'The princess and the frog'

::A modern fairy tale which centered Tiana, a hardworking and ambitious waitress whom never give up to pursue her dream to open her own restaurant; perhaps one day in the future, has found herself kissing a frog and he is a prince!!!..Unfortunately, the frog has mistakenly thought that she is a princess, and that's where the story begins whereby she has turned into a frog as well!!.In searching for the cure from Mama Odie who lives in Bayou, after being cursed by cunning Shadow man, the frog or prince Naveen has made his way to fall in love with the ordinary Tania. In their way to Bayou,they meet other creatures; the alligator and the firefly, and they have helped them a lot....In the end, the fairy tale does show it!!..magical things happen in such way::
  • Cartoons have been a part of my life since i was young. I lived with mickey mouse, doraemon, donald duck, dragon ball, and etc(as long as it's a cartoon).Cartoons do make me feel happy and it's form of my obssesion till now.How old am i?..hahaha..:p
  • people often relate cartoons with children, but not for me..cartoons are meant for everyone who enjoys it. Perhaps, instead of entertaiment that i get,the moral values that come from it , is something that i need to learn about.

In this movie, Tania has shown that, in order to get what you're dream of is by continuously make your effort done, though hardworking sometimes make you feel down. It's an endless on going process, especially as a student as it'll guide you to become a more better person. As Tania continue her effort, and that applies to me as well. In becoming a future doctor is not as easy as i think. I've to learn and learn and learn more...more..more...and it'll never with a touch of skillful art in examination,and thereby i can become a good doctor to everyone..

However, how high you fly or how far you walk, we still need to back to basis..Know who keeps us alive till now...ALLAH s.wt..

Keep going..keep doing...and never stops...