Sunday, December 13, 2009


::you must wondering what is "Le.Gardenie"??..
::if you're Utopian die hard fan,I'm pretty sure that you're well known of this lovely manga..^^..
::Le.Gardenie is one of my most favourite manga..
:what's so special about this manga??..well,the story line is the main agenda which makes it so special and has struck my heart, despite the characters are so cute!!!^^

::Le.Gardenie is a romance manga inspired by a very talented artist;BEN.Basically, it was created in 2006 and finished in 2008 and being published in Utopia since then. The story is based on a group of young teenagers namely; ORANGE, KIWI, LEMON, APPLE,and other supporting "FRUITS's characters who are living in a Venice-like town which is full with love, compassion, conflicts, and life issues. With the lovely setting and strong background fruity characters, it makes the manga become more even merrier and wonderful. ORANGE; whom the main character in this manga, has found himself caught in the middle of love and friendship. The cunning 'glamorous queen' LEMON which full with devious and dishonourable plans has make KIWI; whom ORANGE childhood's best friend get expells from the school as she refers her as her rival in winning the innocent heart of ORANGE's. The heart-broken KIWI has went away far from the town, and this has make APPLE as LEMON's next rival. However, the true friendship will always win the heart of Innocent,and yet in the end ORANGE and KIWI has met back and come with the new spirit of what so-called friendship::

  • this manga series had been collected and compiled into 4 books.
  • in the early of this year, i managed to collect all of them, and it was truly a satisfaction indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!..^^ yeay!!!..

:: BOOK 1:: ::BOOK 2::

::BOOK 3:: ::BOOK 4::

  • kinda fall in love so much with this piece of art indeed!!..yeay^^


Anonymous said...

komik nie mimang best la

Fa-Ee-RoLl said...

seyes best giler..