Saturday, December 12, 2009

IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!! ::nooM weN::...

haha...i think it's already too late for me to give my own views on this hot movie...
::a timeless love movie based on a story of Bella swan, who found herself stuck with a charming and heart-breaking vampire; Edward cullen..basically, this movie is a sequel from it's previous box-office movie which has captured so many eyes whom seeking a romantic love movie indeed..for this time, the sweet Bella meets back with her childhood friend;Jacob whom found himself fall in love with Bella despite he knows she's belongs to Cullen...more suprisingly, Jacob is back with a hidden secret which no one ever knows except his "hairy brothers"...perhaps, the war between the werewolf and the vampire has begun in order to win the heart of sweet mortal Bella...but, the true love will always romantic::

  • yeAH..i've been waiting for so long to watch this sequel of twilight..
  • but i only manage to get my butt and watch it in cinema last week (5/12/09) ^^..weee......~after most of my friends already watched it..sigh~~~
  • nevertheless,i felt so delighted as i watched it with my special person in my life..(so romantic)..
  • initially, before that we went to karnival jom heboh at bukit jalil..perhaps, it was an exhausting experience under a bright sun (sun burn!!!!..i hate it)..but yet a new thing that maybe i would list in my yearly calendar..the carnival was full with excitement( except forthe hot weather part)..full with stuff..oooo..yeah...i went back with 2 bags of food stuffs and 1 t-shirt...(^^)
  • afterwards, we move to times square to watch this movie...yeah...God bless were still available..yeahhh...
  • pertaining to the movie, i would say.....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • it was full with romantic scenes..OMG!!...
  • overall, i gave 4.5 star for this movie~as the ending was quite dissapointing....i wished the director would manage to continue this movie as soon as