Wednesday, April 14, 2010

~final year..what to expect?~

I'm officially started my days of as a final year medical student on last Monday. Oh well, it seems like my holidays mood still stuck somewhere in my head..blur blur blur...haha. Frankly, i feel numb on what to expect when i enter my final year. Within one year afterwards, insyaALLAH i'll become one of the house officer or in other word a doctor. How well prepare i am?; perhaps i'm still working on it. Time flies so fast, and now here i am. No matter how fast it goes, i am still who i am. Known to be a happy go lucky person and loves to make friends and hang out.
Last night, i had this chit chat with my old friend; to be sure i'd lost contact for almost 7 years.
Last time we met was after my PMR, then we move on with our different path. We did chat a lot; almost all night long with all sort of life experiences and what our future would be. For me, everyone had their own destiny on what they were becoming; for instance me myself. I never thought to become a real doctor one day, but it would happen soon. Most of people would give good compliment and gave high expectations on me :
"hey, tahniah!! da nak jadi doc"
"wow, makin ramai membe aq jadi doc, ni best ni"
"waa..baguih la..ada anak jadi doktor.,.senang la hidup"
and so on..
Me?..i am still me, and i never put my position to be the things to be proud off. For me, everyone and anybody in this world had their own purpose of living; and I??..I had to accept that God had chosen me to be this way eventhough I could become somebody else. So, if you were about to become a teacher or engineer or whatever it was; "YOU ARE OF WHAT YOU ARE". Every jobs were noble job and you were about to rock your own world in your own way!!!..

Ok, let's move on with my final year stuff...erm, throughout this year, i will be posted to 6
different postings ( 1 non clincal; 5 clinical ). For the non clinical part, i already started, whereby i need to do some research and it's kinda thesis. For your all information, this research posting or SSM a.k.a Special Study Module is still new in my university and we are 2nd batch who need to do it. This non clinical posting will last for 7 weeks, and at the end of it we need to present it in our own SSM Conference, whereby each one the group will be assessed accordingly. If my group is happen to be lucky one to won the prize, so maybe my group will join to participate in an
international conference; and for this year the venue is BRUNEI..Guys!!! pray for me okay!!!
After wangling and dangling with this research, i will attend my 3rd PPD camp for a week. Not sure the excitement that will i have there, but the place for this time is at Kuala Lipis Pahang=perhaps in a "jungle-like" is where it may be..^^
Then, once i come back from the camp, i will be divided into groups and that is when my clinical posting will be started. For final year, there are 5 clinical posting; Internal Medicine, Obstectrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Surgery, Famlily Medicine, and also Emergency and traumatology. Sounds like a bit excited, and i hope so...really hope so..and again, ONG comes into my life..blerghh...
To enlighten my feeling towards all of this stuff, for this time we will be posted to several places and not just here in PPUKM..Some will go to Hospital Teluk Intan,Klinik Kesihtan, Semenyih, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, and a few other places..
So, am i ready?...hahaha..wish me the best okay!!!..